Saturday, January 24, 2009

west side lounge in cambridge, ma

Despite the cold weather, Tony and I walked to the West Side Lounge on Mass Ave to have dinner with Renee. Funny how we've lived in Somerville for the past nine years and there are still a lot of restaurants that we haven't tried yet. Well, cross this one of our list.

We (Tony and I) were the very first ones there which was a little awkward. We sat at the bar and had some wine before dinner. It's a cozy atmosphere inside and the bartender was super friendly. It wasn't that crowded right after 6, but then suddenly the place was packed.

Renee had the fish tacos ... mmmmm, my favorite!! It's so difficult for me to get them nowadays since they're usually in a cornmeal based, fried batter. I wish places up here in the east coast would do them grilled or with a simple flour batter. Anyway, she said they were delicious.

Tony had a burger but substituted the french fries for a small salad. I think it was good because his plate was empty in the end.

I have had this craving for red meat lately. Perhaps a lack of protein in my diet? I dunno, but I'm also known to be a sucker for steak frites. Seriously.

These were good. Not the best I've ever had, but good. A tad bit on the salty side, but I think the fries make up for it.

Will definitely have to do this again sometime. Maybe when it's a little warmer to walk again.

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