Sunday, January 13, 2008

amelia's trattoria in cambridge, ma

We took Tony's brother to Amelia's Trattoria in Cambridge while he was visiting for the weekend. Luckily, they were open late on a Friday night. We like going to Amelia's even though Tony calls it "shee-shee" (read: fancy) for Italian because of the atmosphere and of course, the yummy food.

Joe got the ravioli of the day dish which was ricotta cheese raviolis in with prosciutto in a bolognese sauce.

Tony had the brasato dish which was really delicious (yes, I had a tiny taste even though I wasn't supposed to!).

And I had the potato gnocchi with roasted butternut squash, brown butter, and sage.

We enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco wine and at the end of the night, shared a delicious whoopie pie dessert. Yum-o!

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