Friday, October 2, 2009

orange + anise = goodness

It's funny because until recently I was never a big fan of anise. I can't even really eat a pizzelle although my father-in-law makes them by hand from scratch, how sad is that? But a little while ago, my friend and coworker, Laura, made these amazingly delicious orange and anise biscotti and gave me some. I swear, it has convinced me that anise really isn't that bad. I mean, I still don't love it but when she makes these biscottis then I seem to forget that I disliked it to begin with.

So you can only imagine the big smile on my face when I walked into work yesterday morning to find a pretty little package on my desk. I could just tell by the ribbon that it was tied with that it was from Laura, so I knew it contained some sort of deliciously baked treat (did I mention that she used to be a pastry chef?!).

Yummmmm ... these are sooooo gooooood. I was out of yogurt so I was hungry enough to make myself a cup of coffee and dunked a biscotti in it. Delightful!

I saved an extra one for myself to devour tomorrow morning and brought two home for the husband.

I must say, I do have some really sweet coworkers. So nice to find {delicious} surprises like this! Thank you, Laura! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I bet that the only thing the majority of us get from our co-workers in the morning is a scowl! ;)

Mr. Anonymous

Jen (Tiny Urban Kitchen) said...

Yeah, I still don't love anise. I think those pizzelles you mention are pretty yucky, and I'm always said when I get biscotti from the North End and it tastes like anise. Maybe it's the magical combination of anise and orange that makes this biscotti work? In any event, that's really sweet of your co-worker to bring in the cooke for you. :)

Jen (Tiny Urban Kitchen) said...

Oop . .typo . . . I'm always SAD when I get biscotti from the North End and it tastes like anise.


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