Sunday, November 18, 2007

ole, ole!

We went to this great Mexican restaurant called Ole in Inman Square the other night with some friends. They have such good food there and the best sangria!! They'll make the guacamole at your table, too. So much fun and so much good food! This is what one half of our table looked like ...

... and this is what the other side looked like. Funny enough, the guys all got the same chile relleno dish! I got the fried shrimp tacos and pork tacos as usual. Man oh man, we left soooo incredibly stuffed and slightly tipsy from three pitchers of the sangria. :-)

1 comment:

hermione53 said...

oh my, GOOD times! ole! You're right that the guacamole is the best, especially with the soft flour tortillas!


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